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Looking to choose from a range of great 4x4 cars? Here, our experts bring together a selection of the best 4x4s on the market. Looking to carry lots of equipment or luggage across country? Want to know which cars have four wheel drive?


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And if you have a question about 4x4s or four-wheel-drive cars, remember to have a look at our 4x4 FAQ section at the bottom of this page. The best 4x4 cars are in fact fantastic all-round cars. Sitting high up, you get a great view out driving through city streets which is why you see so many 4x4 cars in towns and cities. Head away off the beaten track and their go-anywhere capability can be astounding, and when nasty weather hits they really come into their own.

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Throw in their spacious interiors, practical storage and big boots and you get great family cars. The Land Rover Discovery 4x4 features some of the most advanced off-road technology on the market. The Skoda Kodiaq is a very practical family 4x4 that's available with seven seats. It comes with a selection of petrol and diesel engines, all with capacities of either 1.

With the exception of the basic hp 1. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a great all-round family car, offering immense practicality and amazing 4x4 ability. The Dacia Duster is a back-to-basics car that offers a no-frills a 4x4 experience.

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Entry-level models come with barely any equipment, but the 1. The Suzuki Vitara is a cheap, rugged small 4x4 offering great value for money and surprisingly good off-road abilities. The Vitara comes fairly well equipped as standard with Bluetooth, air-conditioning and cruise control. Large 4x4 cars have it all.

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The ability to take your 4x4 just about anywhere is a given, but large 4x4 cars have the high-seating position and great view out that they make secure cars for driving around in towns and cities too. Throw in great practicality - big boots and space for five to seven people - and you have an all-round great car. Here, our experts pick out the best large 4x4 cars. Not many large 4x4 cars can carry seven people as comfortably as the Discovery. The standard kit list is not that generous - entry-level models miss out on leather seats and sat-nav. You get a great view out and front and rear parking sensors come as standard, which is why the Discovery is also good at navigating through cities as well as the wilds.

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Head off into the wilderness and the Land Rover Discovery 4x4 has a suite of technology to keep you moving whatever the terrain. The Audi Q7 is the best all-round large 4x4 on sale. It gets all-wheel-drive as standard, a decent amount of ground clearance with its optional air suspension fitted and hill descent control that makes it easy to descend terrifyingly steep slopes. Happily, it also has a superbly luxurious interior, a great infotainment system and space for seven people and lots of luggage onboard. Of course, being a Range Rover means that luxury is also high on the agenda, and there are seats for seven available if you want them.

Most importantly it can drive all for wheels for better traction off-road, plus it comes with hill descent control for navigating tricky downhill sections without without having to touch the pedals. Being a large 4x4, it gets a generous ground clearance too. Importantly, it also have genuine space for seven adults and a high-quality interior to back up it price.

Modern SUVs offer a more affordable option if the majority of your driving will be on ordinary roads and motorways. In order to find the right one for you, think about your lifestyle and what your primary reasons for choosing a 4WD vehicle are. Are space and practicality top of your list? Or do you need a sturdy vehicle that can tackle any terrain?

Arnold Clark - our best 4x4 deals. Search all 4x4 cars. Top 4x4 deals Want to know more about 4x4s?

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What is a 4x4? When driving on muddy tracks or through deep snow. CO2 is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle in grams per kilometre travelled, the lower the CO2 emissions the cleaner the vehicle is for the environment. The higher the letter the greater the cost of tax paid to drive the vehicle on public roads.

This is charged until the vehicle is 6 years old. Personal contract hire is very similar to normal contract hire, but is exclusively for private individuals. This is one of the most common form of leasing.

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With a personal contract hire agreement you take control of a vehicle for a contractual period - usually referred to as the 'lease period'. You will make fixed monthly payments for the duration of the contract - when the contract expires you will simply return the vehicle and take out a new personal contract hire lease. PCH means you never have to worry about resale values of your vehicle.

Looking to buy a new 4x4 at a great price? Since then 4x4s have become increasingly popular amongst people looking for a spacious car and are often used as family vehicles with the reassurance that if the weather does get bad, having a 4x4 will be more than able to cope with the conditions.

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Whether you want a 4x4 to have the exhilaration of off-road driving, or simply a trusty and robust family car, a 4x4 is a fantastic option. We pride ourselves on having top quality customer service and will happily answer any questions you have when buying your new 4x4. We also want to make paying for your new 4x4 as easy for you as possible and have a range of payment plans available to suit various budgets. See a 4x4 you like?

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