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Standard ADSL broadband gives average speeds of 10Mb which will probably give you an average download speed of around 1. Upgrade to BT Superfast - the company's fibre optic offering - and you can choose between 50Mb and a super fast 67Mb. After that, you can pay more to add home phone options and a TV subscription. That should still be plenty fast enough to let you browse the web, stream music and watch interruption-free catch-up TV.

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But it may struggle to cope with larger households all using the internet at once. BT Unlimited Broadband includes:. If fibre broadband is available where you live and you have a few extra pounds to spare a month, we'd recommend cranking up the speed to BT's least expensive Superfast deal. With this package you will get average speeds of 36Mb roughly 4.

This extra speed boost is great for slightly bigger families with a lot of downloads going on at once. BT Superfast Fibre Although slightly more expensive than the essential package here you will be getting a much better average speed and for the slightly raised price tag we'd say it's definitely a better deal.

BT Broadband Offers: The latest from this February

At 50Mb roughly 6. BT now seems to be offering an extended package called 'Superfast Fibre Plus'. If you're willing to throw in a few more quid a month for your Superfast Fibre package BT guarantees: BT Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited If you demand extremely fast downloads and stream 4K films and TV, then BT's fastest broadband 67Mb is well worth considering - especially if you've got a bustling household all trying to log in at once. It's pricey, but BT sweetens the deal with some added extras.

BT Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited includes:. BT throws in a router for free although you'll have to pay for the delivery. The quality of router you receive will depend on the package you choose. You've probably seen it sneakily peering at you from around corners in the homes of umpteen friends and families, although its dimensions are sleek enough that you should be able to stow it somewhere subtle without too much trouble. As well as wi-fi, you can also connect to it via an ethernet cable. It's perfectly functional, but doesn't have the same strength as the BT claims that it gives out the UK's most powerful wi-fi signal among the routers sent out by other major providers.

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Handy if you live in a big house or like to use your phone or laptop out in the garden. Alternatively, you can stick with your existing router. But unless you've shelled out a lot for your current model, you're probably better off swallowing the delivery charge and using the BT Home Hub or Smart Hub. That way, if anything goes wrong, you'll be able to use their tech support. Take BT broadband, and you'll be tied into a 18 month contract.

After that, your monthly cost will go up by around a tenner. To encourage you to hang around, you can't use your BT router with any other broadband provider so you'll need to pay for a new one when you move on. There are three TV packages that you can add to your BT internet package, but you'll need to sign up for 12 months:.

It costs extra if you go for standard broadband. Classic Very similar to BT's Starter pack but with for a few extra quid a year you get the added bonus of being able to record and re-watch up to hours of your favourite programs. It can record hours of video to help you keep abreast of the channels it gives you access to.

That's come to an end now From the split, British Telecom emerged. In , the company was re-privatised and 10 years later it was re-branded as BT. BT's super-fast superfast broadband service went live in These sit alongside video guides. BT gives customers a free wireless router with all BT broadband deals, although the type you get depends on which package you subscribe to.

Although both are excellent routers, the Smart Hub is one of the best top-tier routers on the market. The BT Smart Hub has seven antennas to give it an impressive range, which allows you to access Wi-Fi throughout your home. It runs on next-generation AC Wi-Fi, so you should get super-fast speeds as well.

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All BT packages come with e-mail, anti-virus, spam blocker, anti-spyware protection, pop-up blocker, online fraud prevention and parental controls. If you take out a package with BT Sport included, you also get the BT Sport app so you can watch live sports coverage no matter where you are. BT offers all customers free use of the BT Mail service and an e-mail address ending in 'bt. This is a web-based e-mail service so can be checked anywhere in the world on any device. All BT broadband accounts come with advanced e-mail security, SpamGuard Plus for junk e-mail protection, and advanced virus cleaning.

BT Mail users also get 10 additional e-mail addresses for family and friends. All BT broadband customers also qualify for free BT Cloud storage, enabling them to access their favourite files and photos remotely wherever they are, on mobile devices or on a laptop or desktop computer. Our UK based call centre staff can provide expert help to find a deal that matches your needs.

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